Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Summary

Dear readers, before reading the summary please read through this blog from beginning.

1. Masturah Missing?

2. Part One : Analysis

3. Part Two : Analysis

4. Part Three : Analysis

All the information posted in those 4 posts are based on the news, emails, facebook posting and eye-witnesses. A detailed analysis is revealing some hidden truth behind the story. I take the pleasure to summarize the whole haywire with timeline.

Join my journey....

1. Masturah gone missing at 4.15pm, outside campus.

2. Search conducted for a couple of hours. First report lodged at 12 midnight on 20 Feb 2011 by a friend.

3. has been reported abuse, 1.35am on 20 Feb 2011. Masturah is the website owner.

4. has been suspended at 2.45am on 20 Feb 2011. Service provider mentioned that they are dealing with the owner.

5. Suspend over removed (10.12am on 20 Feb 2011). Service provider has spoken to the owner. Site can be permanently suspended only if Suruhanjaya Komunikasi dan Multimedia Malaysia has given order to do so.

6. Second police report by wakil calon, 11.40am on 20 Feb 2011.

7. Press conference organised by Pro-M, 4.00pm on 20 Feb 2011. Followed by a convoy that lasted until 6.30pm.

8. Solat Hajat for Masturah's safety organised by Pro-M at DTC. 8.00pm on 20 Feb 2011.

My queries for this issues for you to answer...

1. If it is true that Masturah is missing, how come she was able to respond to the service provider when the website has been suspended? Note: Only her contact have been given for administrative contact.

2. Why her parents / guardian did not get involved in the police report or the press conference? Why they did not meet the University management? Every parent /guardian would react if their daughter has gone missing. Why they are unconcerned? It sounds like they know that Masturah is safe. UM is just 20km away from shah alam.

3. Is the kidnapper is that so stupid to call somebody and blackmail them to not to lodge report?

4. Why Pro-M has to organize the Press conference? Even when the parents / guardian being idle. What is the need of press conference at first place? Showing heroism?

5. is owned by a Pro-Mahasiswa candidate, do you think that all the information news posted in the site is not taking sides? How long they have been doing this and diverting UM student?

6. If the solat hajat was noble, it needs peace. It does not require such a publicity around the campus. Isn't Islam is well known for peace? Is Pro-M having some hidden agenda behind this? My sense says yes, what about yours?

7. Do you feel that something is fishy behind this? Do you think that Pro-M is playing a political game? Is it their strategy to win the campus election? Is it connected to the flashback (refer question 8)?

8. Is it true that Pro-M was the one placed the 'Kepala babi' in API surau two years back a day before election, created sympathy and won the election? API is the kubu kuat Pro-M since those days, how can somebody enter the premise? Superman? Spiderman? Harry Potter? Optimus Prime? Oh my....

9. Looking at all these proofs presented, cant you figure out who is the culprit behind this Missing Masturah issue?

10. Have you made your mind to whom you should vote in this campus election? Better think twice guys... I have made my mind... :)


  1. cool story bro

  2. good analysis la kawan... haha.

  3. tapi x semestinya kes ini adalah propaganda proM. kan?

    analysis is just a way to find the answer. analysis is NOT the answer.

  4. Since u r not muslim,let me explain 2 u.there are nothing unpeacefuly by placing a banner about solat hajat.its not like they bashing into other people house forcing to come to solat hajat.the place banner so that people know.its call publisity.the more people come for prayer,the better it is.please dont make political assumption related to religion.i know that u dont believe the issue of mastura missing and assume it just a hoax,but try not to touch the sensitivity

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  6. Completely agree with Naqiu..
    Plus, anyone can login to Masturah domain account given he/she know the username and password to solve the ban problem..
    Just to say one thing, I see your analysis have a lot of "if"
    which is a very big "IF"
    Thank you..
    Hope everything is going back like before in UM
    some words from london

  7. lets TRY not start "since you are not A muslim PUTARGUMENTHERE". it sounds condescending, even for me as a muslim to digest, while trying to bring up the issue of 'sensitivity'.

    publicity, you admit it, but the writer only asked 'why such publicity?'

    writer had written everything in facts and finding, and questions perhaps rhetorically or perhaps it's not.

    of course analysis contain so many 'if', unless you name it as conclusion, and even that can be debated.

    writer's fault (if he is into journalism) perhaps was not trying to really contacting the parents, but that has been covered in media, aight?

    orang sekadar nak menganalisa aja, biarlah. bukannya menuduh or putting words to your mouth. if that (if lagi? yeay!), then buatlah threat banyak2.

  8. well...its ok to publisize the prayers since more ppl attentd the prayers the bettr it is but wts the point publisizng the candidates no. during the prayers?? doesnt mke sense to me....